Anthony Gilbert

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace. Thank you lord for saving a sinner, a wretch like me. I came to FreeHart May 2010. After graduating November 2010 I then realized that it was Jesus' sovereign will that I went to FreeHart and that's where He put me. There are many great things about FreeHart, but the greatest thing is that FreeHart is a Jesus Christ centered program. It has a wealth of biblical truths taught by Godly men and women who come and teach God's word. The word of God is taught at FreeHart because it is the only absolute truth in this world. Jesus is the word and the gospel is what saves and changes peoples lives through the power of the Holy Spirit( John 1;1-8, Romans 1;16-17 Ephesians 1;13-14,4;30). The word of God is God breathed(2 Timothy 3;16-17). I now teach a friday night bible study class at freeHart( 6 years!) wow! Jesus is awesome! So Jesus can save, change and use anyone for His glory and Kingdom. Even a former strung out drug addict, raging alcoholic, filthy wretch like me. Who submits, obeys and walks with Him everyday. And FreeHart is where King Jesus changed my life. I love you Lord Jesus. Thank you for saving and changing me. Thank you lord for FreeHart. Psalms 91;1-2 2 Corinthians 5;17


Joseph Stewart

My name is Joseph Stewart. Im 38 years old. I have been in bondage to the kingdom of darkness for over 25 years. Which explains my prior 16 felonies, my high rank in a highly respected gang, and my dependency on drugs and alcohol. Dec. 21st i found my self at rock bottom. I lost my kids, my wife, my respect, and my ambition. Nobody would give me the time of day, or so I thought. With in 2 weeks a man named Wendell Hutcheson come and visited me. He asked was i ready. I cried out to him and he told him i was. He excepted me into FreeHart. Up until this point i've known about GOD but i didn't know him. Upon graduating from his program and completing all of FreeHarts requirements. I am finally living life abundantly. He has given me my kids back, my family back, and my ambition back. God is currently using me to lead Celebrate Recovery meetings every monday night. God has fully restored everything the enemy took and has given me a ministry. I will live for him. I will die for Him, no matter what. 

Julian Corish

Julian Corish

In 2015 I was living in Coventry England and a curious (then) to me chain of events changed my life in ways I never anticipated, imagined or expected. It is only in retrospect that I realize that it was in fact, God at work in His own glorious way.

I was drinking heavily on a daily basis and was emotionally empty. I had alienated my family, two daughters, and two grandchildren, having ignored them and shut them out of my life. I was a mess, an emotionally broken, worthless drunk in my own estimation, with no reason to go on in this life. I had been raised in the Catholic church, but after grade school had lost any and all meaningful connection with God. I did believe that God existed, but not in the same context as the deeply personal relational and loving being I now know Him to be. To me, at that time God was a fierce and harsh judge and only damnation faced me. I had no love for that judge, only blind fear of Him. Logical conclusion, suicide. On March 7, 2015, That's exactly what I did. Or at least that was my serious intent. It was freezing cold and snowing that morning, I was on the balcony 24 feet above a concrete parking lot in shorts, a t shirt and flip flops. I figured that if I dove head first onto the concrete there would be no chance of survival, so I climbed on the railing, and dove head first off the balcony. When I woke up I was In George Eliot Hospital a full day later with my stepson Thomas by the bed. He told me that while he was driving to Scotland, he heard a voice in his earphones tell him to go back home. He did and found me on the balcony, covered in snow and unconscious.

From that hospital bed I wound up in FreeHart a week later. Through study, prayer, reading God's word and Wendell Hutcheson's guidance I recognized the Lord's call on my life, in time. I learned to value my own existence as a child of the Most High, to study God's word, and I was saved in Room 3 right at FreeHart Center.. What I have come to appreciate and try to understand since that experience in England, is the overwhelming power of intercessional prayer. I recently found out that during a campaign at her church, called “The One” where the participants are asked to choose the one person they would most want to see have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ, Emily, my youngest, chose me as her “One” and began a prayer campaign, which I had no knowledge of, leading, along with the prayers of many others, most of whom did not know my name, I am sure to the events which took place and led to my winding up at FreeHart.... maybe the real point of the “One” program is to cause us to realize that each of us is God's “One”.

Usually our testimony is best illustrated by our daily walk and what we share with others. We never know who might need it the most, even those whom we assume might not need it at all. For that experience I will be forever grateful to God, and humbled to have been used by Him. I declare and proclaim His Goodness, Mercy, Righteousness and His Amazing Grace. Since that day I have lived for Him and will continue to do so till He calls Me home to glory.