Director: Wendell Hutcheson

Wendell brings a personal understanding of what the men who come to FreeHart are experiencing. He testifies of his deliverance from addiction. Due to his restoration through God and the twelve- step Christian curriculum, he has dedicated his life to helping others recover from addiction. Wendell became the director of FreeHart in November 2005. It is Wendell's prayer that God will use him in reaching individuals whose lives have been dependent upon alcohol and/or drugs. That each one of them will experienced since God delivered him. Your Prayers and financial support are greatly needed and appreciated.


Program Director: Julian Corish

Julian is a 2015 graduate of FreeHart. He experienced salvation and the love of GOD on personal basis shortly after entering the program. He is dedicated to helping the clients of the men's center achieve long term recovery and know as he does the freedom and hope found in the blood of Jesus Christ.