Men's Center

Men's Life Recovery


 FreeHart is a long-term life recovery center for men that embraces the fundamentals of a faith-based facility. Our program is custom designed to meet the needs of each client. Chemically dependent individuals are brought into a non-threatening environment where they receive love,forgiveness, acceptance, and are taught acceptable patterns of behavior. Individual and group sessions provide guidance in achieving sobriety while developing self-motivation, identification and confidence in each students life's. Through spiritual, vocational recreation and interaction with others, a well balanced and practical lifestyle is developed. This lays a foundation for a successful lifestyle change. 

The Beginning


FreeHart is a faith based recovery center. The program length is six months. The total cost of the six month program is $6000.00. Each candidate for the program must complete the prerequisites required for entrance. Once accepted, proper for forms are filled out. At this point, students are exposed to a rigorous well-balanced curriculum, which takes commitment and endurance.

The Reality


 Lives can be changed, families restored and communities strengthened when people turn to Christ and we use our gifts and talents to help others. From supports of individuals, churches, civic groups and fund - risers we are able to give life to those who have been trapped by addiction.